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About Big Papa


Barbeque and Texas go hand-in-hand. East Texas is known for its many family owned barbeque restaurants and each features their own personal brand of the distinct Texas barbeque flavor. Grill masters spend many hours developing their personal recipes for steak rubs and sauces. Big Papa's is an example of a steak rub that has a true Texas flavor. Big Papa's steak rub is not only for steaks, but adds just the right touch to chicken, pork, or anything else you want to grill!

We are located in a small town northwest of Houston, Texas. Our owner, Danny Hudson aka Big Papa, was raised on a small cattle ranch in East Texas. He was destined to learn the values and Texas traditions of amazing taste and flavor. It only seemed natural to work himself through high school and college at the local smokehouses and favorite BBQ joints around town. With over 40 years in barbeque experience, he developed the Texas Steak Rub!

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